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    It’s time to make a change to simpler, more direct formatting. Goodbye, sea of reblogs!

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  2. A worthwhile share from Amy Wolff: All out on the table, no holds-barred — this topic impacts humans. And humans are worth caring for and loving. 

    Thanks, Amy!


    This week’s FRY is brought to you by Sperry Top-Sider, and more specifically by the fact I found this perfect pair for only 20 dollars. (!!!)

    To fully appreciate this find, one must take into account 

    a) I’ve been searching for a perfect pair for months.

    b) a camp staff/wedding planning budget does not particularly allow an 80+ dollar drop on a cute shoe. Hello, the mud every day of my life.

    c) the Boat Shoe is an excellent style for one who lives in the Northwest, is so very tired of wearing boots year round, and would just like a reasonable Spring option, thank you kindly!

    These shoes are like walking on a cloud. A. CLOUD. As we know, one is no longer required to sacrifice style for the sake of comfort, but I was *this close* to wearing a (albeit cute, sleek and modern) RUNNING SHOE to the office. And what is the golden rule? 

    "Unless going to the gym, sneakers as part of your outfit are a fashion don’t." That’s my personal rule, at least. 

    Needless to say, I have very happy toes and a clear fashion conscience.

  4. Monday’s #goodreads brought to you by LinkedIn and Katy Andresen:

    "After living in the country for two years, it all looked perfectly normal to me - even though it wasn’t for the rest of the world. I’d acquired native eyes."

    A poignant workplace piece written not only with the interest of a journalist, but the straightforwardness of a journalist. Right to the point, I love it.

    Read the full article on avoiding “native eyes” here

  5. No FASHION FRY column would be complete without introducing my forever favorite fashion photog blog. Photographed by Tommy Ton, displayed on the blog Jak & Jil

    The. Best.